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The Asclepion MedioStar Next Pro is a cutting-edge diode laser system designed for professional hair removal and dermatological treatments. Offering a wavelength of 810 nm, adjustable fluence up to 160 J/cm², and versatile spot sizes, this device ensures effective treatments for various skin types and areas. With its intuitive interface, integrated cooling system, and advanced safety features, the MedioStar Next Pro delivers comfortable and reliable results.

Mediostar Next Pro

The Asclepion MedioStar Next Pro is a professional diode laser system designed for hair removal and dermatological treatments. Here are some specifications for the device:

  1. Wavelength: 810 nm (nanometers), which is well-absorbed by melanin in hair follicles, making it effective for hair removal.
  2. Fluence: Up to 160 J/cm² (joules per square centimeter), adjustable to suit different skin types and treatment areas.
  3. Spot Sizes: The system typically offers spot sizes ranging from 10 mm to 24 mm, allowing for versatility in treatment areas.
  4. Pulse Duration: Adjustable from 5 ms to 400 ms, enabling the customization of treatment parameters based on the target area and skin type.
  5. Repetition Rate: Up to 10 Hz (pulses per second), allowing for fast treatment sessions.
  6. Cooling System: The device is equipped with an integrated cooling system to enhance patient comfort and protect the skin during treatment.
  7. User Interface: It features an intuitive user interface for easy operation and control of treatment parameters.
  8. Safety Features: The system includes safety features such as skin type analysis, contact cooling, and pre-programmed treatment settings to ensure safe and effective treatments.
  9. Dimensions and Weight: The exact dimensions and weight may vary based on the specific model and configuration of the device.
  10. Power Supply: The device typically operates on a standard electrical power supply.

Highest Power for Faster Treatments

With 2,400 W of power, the MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL ensures greater skin penetration, which is indispensable when epilating, in order to destroy the deepest follicles. It also allows very short pulses to be emitted at a very high frequency, thereby maximizing results, safety and comfort of the treatment.

Multiple Wavelengths Technology

The handpiece of the MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL comes in a unique combination of wavelengths. This offers physicians greater versatility in assessing the prevalence of darker or fairer phototypes among their patients. A technological innovation developed by Asclepion to satisfy the demands of its clients all over the world.

Highly Specialized Handpieces

The new MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL features the largest spot available on the market. The handpiece is provided with 2 different tips, the XL-L tip (9.1 cm2) and the XL- S tip (3.0 cm2), allowing the treatment of both larger and smaller areas. The new 360° skin-cooling system allows the highly efficient pre-cooling of the epidermis, protecting it from the risk of burns and allowing treatment in any direction. This guarantees the highest degree of comfort for both the patient and the user.

PIntegrated High Power Peltier Skin Cooling

The MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL handpiece is fitted with a system that cools the area to be treated immediately before emitting the pulse, guaranteeing greater comfort and safety for the patient during treatment. A monitoring system inside the laser device regulates the cooling level, always keeping the skin temperature low and ensuring painless and extremely delicate treatment for all skin types.

Homogeneous Spot for a Safe and Precise Treatment

Thanks to the TAPER technology, a special quartz fiber bundle developed by Asclepion, the laser beam is transmitted in a very uniform way, guaranteeing the even treatment of the treated areas. Thanks to the uniform distribution of energy and the square-shaped beam, there are no gaps between the spots and no zones that are hotter or cooler than others. This guarantees safe treatment with very low risk of side effects.

Treatment for All Skin Types, All Year Round

Thanks to the diode technology and to variable pulse length (up to 400ms), MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL allows the treatment of all skin types (I to VI), including tanned skin. The adjustable pulse duration combined with skin cooling prevents thermal damage, such as burning, to the epidermis. There is no more need to suspend the treatment during the summer and not to treat very dark skin types; thanks to MeDioStar NeXT, all patients can count on the best results.

SmoothPulse Mode for Painless Treatments at The Highest Speed

Thanks to SmoothPulse mode, the treatment is faster than ever and still painless. With a selectable frequency up to 12Hz, MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL is the fastest hair removal system on the market.

Treatment Versatility

The MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL goes beyond mere hair removal, also demonstrating its great versatility and user-friendliness in other fields of application, such as the removal of benign vascular lesions.

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