Apilus Hair Removal With Permanent Results

The term electrolysis is used to describe all methods of permanent hair removal. The electrolysis modality was the first method used to remove hair permanently back in 1875. The term electrolysis branded the process of permanent hair removal.

Find out everything you want to know about electrolysis, the only method recognized as permanent hair removal by the FDA.

Not only does apilus device permanently remove hair, but it also has the ability to perform Thermocoagulation- which is a technique treating many different skin imperfections (telangiectasia, skin tags, pigment spots, milia, ruby points, and more). Every imperfection has its own particular training technique and the post treatment behavior is different for each.



electrolysis equipment that guarantees gentle 100% permanent hair removal, including the Apilus, to ensure that your treatment is comfortable, safe, and effective.

Apilus offers advanced technology with proven effectiveness in the field of permanent hair removal. Already in use in thousands of Centres throughout the world, our Apilus electrolysis systems have demonstrated time and time again that they deliver more effective and more comfortable treatments, as well as much more rapid permanent results than any other hair removal method.

Hair Removal Modes

In addition to its well-established MultiPlex, OmniBlend and MultiBlend modes, the Apilus Platinum offers electrologists new modes of operation, all designed to use the ultra rapid 27 MHz frequency. The effectiveness of the PicoFlash, Synchro and EvoluBlend modes will astound you. While the speed and great comfort of the PicoFlash mode are remarkable, the Synchro™ mode yields unparalleled results and the EvoluBlend mode adapts to each and every client’s tolerance level. In short, these different modes will allow the electrologists to respond to any situation in a cinch.

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