Sirona CEREC AC with Omnicam + MC XL Mills


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CEREC AC with Omnicam & MC XL: This product has been fully inspected to avoid any buyer surprises. Read our in-depth product listing below.

Sirona CEREC AC with Omnicam + MC XL Mills

Sirona CEREC AC with Omnicam is functional and works like it should. Normal marks and stains around the unit, but it is missing a back cover. Deleted all found patient files. The inLab MC XL motor set one works, but motor set two has issues on the right spindle. Motor set one calibrated correctly and will be able to mill. The inLab MC XL has major cosmetic damage due in the back. After running tests the mill is determined to be not currently leaking and these are past stains and build up. An attempt was made to clean it up, but was unsuccessful. New plastic pieces and chamber door will most likely be the only way to get rid of the stains and build up. Service tests showed motor set one to be in good order while motor set two right side would not pass tests. Motor set two left side passed all tests but the DC Touch test.

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  • Manufacturer: Sirona
  • Scanner Model: CEREC AC Omnicam + MCXL Mill
  • Scanner Power Requirements: 120V
  • Year: 2014
  • Software Version: 4.5.2

Sirona CEREC Includes:
Omnicam, MC XL, 2 120v Power Cable, Calibration Kit for MC XL

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