Solta Medical Laser

Solta Medical Laser

Solta Clear + Brilliant Touch


Solta Clear + Brilliant Touch is  a pioneer in non-invasive preventative skincare, Clear and Brilliant is already one of the most popular laser skin treatments on the market. Now, with new advances in skin resurfacing technology, Clear + Brilliant skin treatments are going even farther with their new Touch laser.

  • The 1440nm handpiece is the original handpiece that helps with improving fine lines, decreases the appearance of pores, and helps with overall skin texture.
  • The Permea 1927nm handpiece delivers a superficial laser treatment that targets hyperpigmentation and overall skin tone imperfections. It also helps maximize permeability for topical treatments that follow and can be used for laser-assisted drug delivery of antioxidant.

Original Clear + Brilliant Headpiece

Clear + Brilliant Touch Original Headpiece


Goes deep beneath your skin’s surface to help:

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines
  • Minimize pore size
  • Boost collagen production


Perméa Clear + Brilliant Headpiece

Clear + Brilliant Touch Permea Headpiece


Treats closer to your skin’s surface to help:

  • Improve skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of pigmentation
  • Allow for easier absorption of skincare products



Clear and Brilliant Complete Treatment

With innovative advancements built into the new Clear + Brilliant Complete system, laser skin treatments are more efficient than ever before. By integrating the two different headpieces in a single system, our skincare experts are able to efficiently provide a more personalized treatment and optimal results in a single session.

Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment :

  • Combat early signs of aging including fine lines
  • Maintain youthful, glowing skin
  • Even skin tone and texture
  • Increase the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products
  • Improve the skin’s overall appearance

Clear and Brilliant Complete Procedure

The new Clear + Brilliant Complete Treatment is a gentle, non-invasive laser skin treatment that provides powerful results. An entire session will last only 30 to 45 minutes and requires no downtime. Our technicians can provide a topical numbing cream to provide optimal comfort throughout your treatment, and most patients report no pain or discomfort at all.


Benefit Clear + Brilliant Touch

  • Dual-wavelength technology allows for two treatments in one session
  • Treats early signs of facial aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Goodbye sun damage, poor skin tone, uneven texture, large pores
  • Great for all skin types
  • Clear + Brilliant is often part of an effective melasma treatment plan and is helpful in targeting even this stubborn form of hyperpigmentation

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