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MiraDry BioTip System Mira Dri Dry Bio Tip Hyperhidrosis, New, Never Used Condition, still in original packaging; Expiration Date: 12-31-2024, REF: MD4500-BT, LOT: 19H3348, Includes (1) Biotip, (1) Skin Width Transfer, 1 Gel Pack, User Instructions

miraDry BioTip MD4500-BT System Mira Dry Bio Tip Hyperhidrosis – MiramarLabs

– Demo Bio Tip

– Ref: MD4000-BT-DE

– Sweat Reduction

– For Underarm Area


Mfr: miraDry, Inc
Ref: MD4500-BT
Desc: bioTip
Exp Date: 11-30-2025

Product Information
  • Brand: Miramarlabs
  • Condition: New
  • Manufacturer: Miramarlabs
  • Model Number: MD4500-BT

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