Lumicell Wave 6 Cellulite – Body Contouring 2013


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Benefits include:

  • Visible reduction in appearance of cellulite
  • Visible improvement of skin texture
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduction of body circumference
  • Treatments are virtually pain free

Lumicell Wave 6 CelluliteBody Contouring 2013

The Lumicell Wave 6 is a cellulite management system which offers a combined approach to targetting cellulite-related problems including:

  • Dimpling of the skin
  • Orange peel appearance
  • Localized fat deposits
  • Heavy legs
  • Skin contour irregularities
  • rippling of inner thigh

Benefits include:

  • Visible reduction in appearance of cellulite
  • Visible improvement of skin texture
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduction of body circumference
  • Treatments are virtually pain free

Device Details

Distributor Silhouet–Tone
Manufacturer Silhouet–Tone
Model Lumicell Wave 6
Manufactured Year 2013
Specific Equipment Type Fat reduction machine
Sale Price 6700
Treatments Performed Vascular, Skin Tightening, Fat Reduction, Skin Texture Refinement, Skin Rejuvenation
Consumables used by device None
Service Contract Price None
Additional Information Any additional information can be sent on request
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The Lumicell Wave 6 system consecutively treats both the subcutaneous and adipose layers in one session!

Revolutionary body treatment device using the latest and finest technological advances. Lumicell Wave 6 combines 4 non-invasive technologies, working together in synergy to target all cellulite related problems, body remodeling and drainage needs.

Photo-Pneumatic Massage: Pneumatic Massage + Infrared light 900nm
1 MHz Ultrasound
Bipolar Radiofrequency
Needle Free Mesotherapy

Pneumatic Massage:

The skin is suctioned, lifted and rolled between two rollers;
Increases blood and lymphatic circulation;
Breaks down water pockets responsible for the skin’s dimpled appearance;
Softens the fibrous adhesions responsible for the skin’s pitted appearance.

Infrared light 900 nanometers:
Generates thermal action superior to 40 degrees Celsius on adipocytes;
Increases lipolytic activity by stimulating beta receptors;
Increases cellular energy as well as the skin’s repair and regeneration mechanisms;
Warms subcutaneous tissue, preparing them for Ultrasound and bipolar RF treatments.
The Photo-Pneumatic massage heads warm the subcutaneous tissues, making them more malleable. They stimulate local blood circulation and increase lipolysis. The photo-pneumatic function considerably improves the appearance of cellulite.
1 MHz Ultrasound:
This specific frequency is the only one that delivers dual action: it inhibits the Alpha receptors, responsible for storing fat (lipogenesis), while stimulating the Beta receptors, to induces lipolysis by increasing norepinephrine secretion which stimulate the natural elimination of fat.
High speed vibrations (1 million vibrations per second);
Generates thermal action superior to 50 degrees Celsius on adipocytes;
Reduces the amount of localized and hard to eliminate fat deposits, skin dimpling as well as the circumference of treated areas;
Improves silhouette and skin texture.

Bipolar Radiofrequency:
A technology that is exclusive to Silhouet-Tone. Safe and painless, this technology only delivers thermal energy to the deep sub-cutaneous tissue, with no risk of burning or discomfort.
Electromagnetic energy;
Significantly firms the dermis and deep subcutaneous tissue in a gradual and controlled manner;
Reshapes the silhouette by improving the skin’s firmness and regularize the skin’s superficial and deep relief;
Reduces fat deposits through successive thermolipolysis.

The fat cells are subjected to an assault from three types of heat inducing technologies, dramatically increasing the elimination of fat. The compounded thermal action is much greater than each one on its own.

Needle Free Mesotherapy:
Electroporation is used to help powerful lipolytic products that have a greater molecular weight penetrate through the cell membrane;
The percentage of product penetration is 65-95% vs. traditional galvanic current which is limited to 3-10%;
Significantly improves results of other treatments.

Lumicell Wave 6 resultsLumicell Wave 6 resultsLumicell Wave 6 results

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