Inmode Optimas Laser – Radio Frequency System Warranty 2020


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Inmode Optimas Includes:

  • Base Unit
  • Morpheus8 Handpiece
  • Cheek Left
  • Cheek Right
  • Straps
  • Operators Manual
  • Power cord
  • Warranty

Inmode Optimas Laser


INMODE OPTIMAS is a comprehensive beauty suite that uses non-invasive technologies, including laser, light, and radiofrequency devices, to provide superior skin and hair removal treatments. This all-in-one platform integrates innovative solutions with uniquely designed hand pieces to provide patients with the safest, most effective options for the most in demand aesthetic treatments, such as laser hair removal, RF skin resurfacing, IPL Photofacial, laser vein removal, and skin tightening. Treatments with the OPTIMAS are painless, require no downtime and produce clear results that dramatically improve your appearance.

MFG: You will be able to provide your patients clear skin results through non-invasive
procedures with little to no downtime. Optimas helps practices increase productivity,
revenue, and patient satisfaction. It’s a suite of technologies that enables you to offer
a wide variety of procedures from one efficient platform, providing multiple revenue
Morpheus8: With a unique large surface tip consisting of a matrix of 40 thin gold-coated
microneedles, and a thermal profile of 7mm with an additional heat profile of 1mm,
Morpheus 8 Body can be programmed to quickly treat large tissue surface areas at
the deepest levels of RF energy available.
Forma: The only auto-adjusting thermal skin treatment for collagen remodeling and skin
tightening for the face, and smaller areas of the body. Forma stimulates the formation
of new collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results.
Lumecca Lumecca IPL can reduce vascular lesions, including port wine stains, facial, truncal and
leg telangiectasias, rosacea, erythema of rosacea, angiomas and spider angiomas,
poikilodenna of Civatte, superficial leg veins and venous malformations.
Applications: RF Microneedling skin resurfacing and rejuvenation
IPL skin rejuvenation
Collagen remodeling and skin contraction
Skin tightening
Subdermal adipose remodeling
Warranty: 90-day parts and labor



  • A revolutionary, all-in-one beauty suite
  • State of the art light, laser & RF technologies
  • Faster, more effective hair removal
  • Unparalleled skin rejuvenation
  • Removes unsightly leg and face veins
  • Tightens, smooths and tones skin
  • Advanced cooling technology for painless treatments
  • Dramatic, long lasting results
  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven

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