iCare ic100 Tonometer


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Key Features:

  • Icare® AMS:
    Automatic measuring sequence:
    series and single mode with one button
  • Icare® EasyNav:
    Advanced navigation interface
  • Icare® EasyPos:
    Intelligent positioning assistant for the correct alignment of the tonometer

iCare ic100 Tonometer

iCare ic100 is a reliable choice for all eye care professionals. With this tonometer, you can measure the intraocular pressure of patients in a sitting or standing position. Optometrists and ophthalmologists have successfully used IC100 for routine IOP measurement and glaucoma screenings, as measuring has never been more accessible – just load, align and measure.


– Suitable for all patients
– Fast to Measure
– Easy to use
– Automated Measurement Sequence
– Consistent and Repeatable
– No anesthetic drops, air or calibration needed


Model name : TA011
Dimensions : 4-29 mm x 35-95 mm x 215 mm
Weight : 140 g (without batteries), 230 g (4 x AA batteries)
Batteries : 4 x AA non-rechargeable batteries, 1.5V alkaline LR6
Measurement range : 7 – 50 mmHg
Accuracy : (95 % tolerance interval relative to manometry): ±1.2 mmHg (20 mmHg) and ±2.2 mmHg (>20 mmHg)
Repeatability : (coefficient of variation) <8%

Package includes:

– iCare ic100 Tonometer
– 4 x AA batteries
– 100 single use probes in a box
– Aluminum case
– IOP pad
– Probe base cleaning container
– Probe base plug
– Quick guide
– Screw driver
– Silicone grip
– Spare probe base
– USB memory stick including instruction manuals
– Warranty card
– Wrist strap

About Icare ic 100

Icare ic 100 is a product for every eye care professionals designed on a new measuring principle. The device does not require specialized skills to use it. It’s new design and has good user interface is going to make a new level in IOP measuring. It is the new member of the family of tonometer. Its predecessors are Icare TA01i and ic100. It has received CE certification and worked on rebound technology. The device makes contact with the cornea for a moment to measure the pressure inside the eye.


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