Body Health BHS 202 Deifer CryoFrequency + Facial Multifrequency System


Body Health BHS 202 Deifer

Combining great therapies to maximize aesthetic results
CryoFrequency + Facial Multifrequency Radiofrequency in addition to the very effective combination of Corporal HImFU and DermoHealth.

Body Health BHS 202 Deifer

The most advanced technology for non-invasive body contouring.

Proven effectiveness from the very first session. The entire system is based on the MULTIFOCAL HImFU technology. HImFU has a special head, operating at a frequency of 2.9 MHz, which generates multi-tail power, allowing for tissue penetration up to 2.5 cm. This solution makes the procedure much more effective than in the case of other therapies available on the market.

  • SiHighly concentrated ultrasound produces a mechanical thermal effect capable of destroying the inner fat without damaging the outer layer of the skin.
  • Ultrasound releases heat that the cells cannot bear, causing them to break down completely. Fat cells are thus released by the body, losing volume in the first session.
  • Immediate and long-lasting skin lifting effect

Body Health BHS 202 CRYO-RADIOFREQUENCY Tricollagen energy reproduction

The 2.0 CORPORAL / FACIAL applicator generates up to 1050 watts of power. This multipolar technology allows temperatures to go down to (-) minus 25 degrees down to the second layer of the skin; the treatment is completely painless and non-invasive, thanks to the use of 3 technologies in 1 head: MULTIPOLAR, monopolar and cryogen SYSTEM EFFECT


  • Due to the thermal shock effect, the skin insulation becomes thinner, therefore, in combination with the detoxifying effect, it allows for better oxygenation and blood supply to the skin.
  • This technology stimulates the production of collagen and elastin like no other technology currently available on the market.

DERMOHEALTH vacuum therapy An uncompromising solution for every stage of cellulite, even in the most stubborn places.

BODY HEALTH introduced a new type of vacuum therapy called DERMO HEALTH. The technology uses a revolutionary multi-barrel turbine (15,000 rpm) known as a vacuum pump. The turbine produces a constant flow normalized thrust that prevents skin damage.



  • The Dermoleds technology emits red light using specialized LEDs introduced by Body Health. It is a highly non-invasive skin rejuvenation technology. The light emitted by Dermoleds, which reacts with cells and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • The new head was introduced by Body Health, it was prepared to work with the Facial and Corporal Dermo Health and HImFU come and Dermoleds technologies to maximize the effects of therapy thanks to the synergy effect.

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